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 President: Jeff Foro

I was born in Duluth, Minnesota but moved to Seattle when I was 2 so I have lived in the Northwest essentially all of my life.  In 2016 my wife Nancy and I moved from Seattle and retired to Sequim.  I retired from my job at The Boeing Company where I was a Systems Design and Integration Engineer in 2014.  My interest in woodturning was developed during two week long courses I took in West Virginia.  I am excited about furthering my woodturning experience as well as meeting and working with members of our new community.

Vice President: Lynn Taylor

I am an Anacortes native.  After 4 duty stations and 8.5 years in the US Navy, I moved to Alfred in western New York, and worked for 25 years as
Director of Finance and Administration for a small college.  After my wife retired, we moved "home" and settled in Port Townsend in 2002.  I dabbled
a bit with wood turning for a short time in Alfred and then my neighbor here in PT got me going again.  After the banjo on my cheap lathe broke
I bought a PM 3520 (great excuse!).  My chief interest is turning bowls, although I turn boxes and hollow forms occasionally.

Secretary:  Richard Bumgarner

To keep my sanity 20 years ago while working in Switzerland I “turned” to Turning.  It involved problem solving with near immediate returns that no job could come close to.  And, the wood didn’t argue, it only provided interesting resistance! The wood absorbed malignant spirits, balanced life and beautified my vision. Today, Turning convinces me I am almost doing my lifelong desire to make three-dimensional sculptures, which I have absolutely no talent for.  Plus, I have an audience of family members who say nice things about how I am getting better.  What more can I ask?  Just a club of like-minded souls to have fun with!  Yeah, Strait Turners!

 Treasurer:  Jackie Le Doux

I've been in Accounting most of my life.
Worked at Peoples Bank (now US Bank).  Went to a CPA accounting firm, Then to a Propane/Natural Gas company where I was an accountant/receptionist.  Then I went to First Federal Savings & Loan Assn in the accounting department for 29+ years before retirement.

Member at Large: Tony Duarte

Tony Duarte is a 22 year Navy veteran who retired in 1991.  Upon completion of my Naval Service I continued to support the Navy as a Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) contractor performing both senior management and engineering support with the Navy’s communications systems until his retirement in July 2016.  My wife Joyce and I moved to Port Angeles in 2005 where we built a home in the Black Diamond area of Port Angeles.  After attending a couple of wood turning meetings with the Bremerton Club I decided to join the Strait Turners Club when it was first established in 2016.   I purchased my first lathe (a Nova Midi) and decided to take the introduction to turning 101course at Craft Supply in Utah in February 2017.  After the class and working with several club members I had a growing desire to turn larger bowls and platters than the midi would handle so I’ve purchased a full size lathe that could handle my larger projects. 

Member at Large:  Keith Koehler

  I am a retired Electrical Engineer, I have been turning wood since early 2000's, Mostly pens with some bottle stoppers and salt shakers with pepper mills.   I am your new Webmaster and am looking forward to helping the club move on into the future.

Member at Large Sean Wall

By profession, I am a marine engineer and have worked for the Washington State Ferries for the last 35 years. For fun, I enjoy playing guitar and my ukulele. More relevant to my new role as a member of the Board of Directors of Straight Turners is my love of everything related to working with wood. I did some turning while in high school but moved on to furniture making. It wasn’t until my wife wanted turned shawl pins that I was reintroduced to turning. From small items such as pens and shawl pins I advanced to turning bowls. 


Much of what I learned was from a seasoned woodturner by the name of Steve Blenk. I continue to enjoy learning from others but also sharing this craft with other that want to learn.


Volunteer STAFF Members  (Thank You)
Video Chairman        Mark Nebel
Raffle Chairman        Rod Barton
Newsletter Editor      Crystal Abotte
Webmaster                Keith Koehler